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Plugged In Leadership of Tallahassee News

January 2014 - Check out our Leadership Academy Schedule and Details on the rigorous leadership curriculum including assessments, mentoring, coaching, and evaluation.

November 2013 - Extraordinary, innovative leadership education is coming to the Tallahassee area! Tallahassee Community College has joined forces with Plugged In Leadership to provide unprecedented leadership development opportunities to equip talented professionals. Two cohorts of diverse leaders representing industry, small business, government, nonprofits, and education will participate in the first Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD) program year of the Leadership Academy of North Florida:

The selection process for the inaugural class continues through 16 January 2014, and the first group of leaders will begin January 2014. The program takes a systematic approach to leadership development by providing rigorous curriculum, assessments, coaching, mentoring, and formative and summative evaluation. In addition to classroom-based instruction, leaders will remain connected via technology including a website portal, discussion forum, and monthly mentoring teleconferences. Investment in the yearlong comprehensive is $1998 for emerging leaders and $2398 for seasoned leaders. For more information and to apply, visit

The leadership development program will enhance leaders’ skills and directly benefit their influence on others, in turn positively impacting the bottom lines of organizations they serve. It will provide meaningful resources and tools leaders will take back to their workplaces to shape their careers, innovate within their organizations, and be active participants engaging in meaningful transformation individually, professionally, community-wide, and beyond.

The curriculum includes leadership topics ranging from communication to problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and building a legacy by developing others.

October 2013 - Check it out! Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli is featured on John Maxwell's "Minute with Maxwell" video of the day:

September 2013 - We have beautiful, modern facilities with state-of-the-art audiovisual and sound systems. If your organization would like to rent our conference room, open classroom, or a virtual office, please contact Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli at or call 850-321-8222.

August 2013 - We are currently seeking a like-minded business person (one who works to improve the lives of people or organizations) to join us in our Leadership Development Center. If you are interested in touring our facilities and renting an office complete with Internet, phone (850-878-LEAD), satellite, professional copying services, marketing and public relations, and much more, please contact Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli at or call 850-321-8222.

In May 2013, we were proud sponsors of the CFA Leadercast at Tallahassee Community College. The event was a great success and provided local leaders the opportunity to learn from John Maxwell and others.

Since Fall 2012, we have held several successful FREE lunch and learns. Executives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, graduate students, government employees, retirees, and others embarking on new endeavors have attended our workshops. Be sure to join us for our next FREE lunch and learn.

Lots of exciting things are planned at our training facility located at 3035 Eliza Road. Among them are:

Join us to get plugged in to success!

Plugged In Leadership Tallahassee Conference Room

Plugged in Leadership Tallahassee Gabrielle Gabrielli Michelle Newell